Professional Online Training

Whether its a new initiative, new software applications or general soft skills training, online learning is the most cost effective way to reach employees or customers province-wide. Digital training, or eLearning,  allows you to engage your students with mixed media such as live video, computer simulations/animations and guiding narration for greater impact and skills retention. 

High Impact Training

Great training begins with a great story.  It needs to be concise, engaging and exceed expectations.  These are the tools I use to create compelling, online training for clients.

Professional eLearning Design & Scripting

Professional Motion Graphics and 3D Elements

Professional Editing 

From Script to Screen 

Comprehensive Instructional Design

Detailed Scripting

Graphic Storyboards

Full Course Production

Testing and Course Evaluation

Project Launch Videos

Before you can get staff buy-in , you first have to get their attention.  Short, high impact launch videos create interest and awareness about your new initiative. 

Story Concept



Rendering & Hosting


Stephen O’Hearn

I am a Senior Instructional Designer, with over 13 years of experience.  I specialize in the development of online training solutions that include, eLearning, blended models and web-based instruction.  I am highly trained in instructional design, live video, motion graphics and multimedia.  I am also very experienced in enterprise change messaging and corporate communications that support the training initiative.  I can be reached at 

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